Logitech 720p Webcam Pro 9000 Review

Logitech 720p Webcam Pro 9000
Having never bought - or even so much as tried - a webcam before, I don't have much point of note. Nevertheless, the installation of this product can't have been any easier. On my old desktop unit, the installation only took a couple of minutes. The notebook I have is much newer, and the software set up quicker. Absolutely problem-free, and within a few minutes I had a picture on screen and could take images and create videos.

The adjustable clip in the rear of Logitech 720p Webcam Pro 9000 is effective - it doubles as a stand, that will came in handy on my bulky old non-flat screen monitor. On my laptop display it had been just as practical, resting firmly in position at the top of the screen.

I was truly impressed by the video quality. Again, I have never owned a webcam prior to now, but I actually have watched many webcam videos published on websites - and I knew the fact that the picture quality ran the gamut. The lens on this webcam produces a very clear, complete photo. Even in pretty low-lighting, the photograph wasn't undesirable at all. On my several years old pc, the image could not keep up with the moves very well - moving my head from side to side, as an illustration, ended in quite a blur. But on my newer laptop, that blur was lessened enormously - the moves registered in more or less real-time. The auto-focus feature seems to do it's job quite well, and makes operation very simple.

The voice was certainly less fantastic than the pic - but it was right in line with what I predicted for a little tiny built-in microphone. Noises clip and/or distort - I attempted playing my saxophone and the end result was not listenable (still some would say that is due to my playing capacity). Shouting, or even really loud talking, clips. But all things considered, when remaining away of a couple of feet and speaking at a regular, even volume - the voice was pretty satisfactory.

I got a kick out from the numerous visual features. There are a bunch of filters - my personal favorite is the '50s style, resulting in a vintage black-and-white scratched up film look. Neonize was a trip - darkening everything on screen except for neon-colored borders to everything. The 'ghost' filter gives a blurred tracer effect to all action. I don't know how much need I will have for these, but these are fun to mess around with. There also exist a bunch of options to adjust the look of your face on-screen - including 'robot face' causing you look like a cyborg or something. I do not honestly understand what the 'avatar' feature was supposed to do - I adjusted my face inside the red box like it said to, but nothing happened ever once I initiated the feature...

Conclusion - speaking for total, complete, a hundred percent webcam amateurs like myself: this is definitely high quality webcam that I could hardly imagine being more user friendly. The recording quality is top of the line. My biggest objection - and this is actually kind of small - is the utter absence of a storage case or pouch for the webcam. I don't plan to leave mine out on a regular basis and I'd like to keep the lens (rightfully rated highly) in good shape. For the time being, I am actually putting it back in the box but even a low-priced felt pocket would've been great.