250G HDD Hard Disk Drive For Microsoft Xbox 360 Slim Review

250G HDD Hard Disk Drive For Microsoft Xbox 360 Slim
To start with I would like to mention which i finally made the switch from the PS3 for the Xbox. The Kinect practically sold me (might the fact SONY PS3s are P.O.S. that lasts just a little following your warranty expires! My second dead PS3 in 36 months!!!)

My mistake wasn't opting for the 250GB Kinect Bundle instead of obtaining the 4GB Kinect. I didn't think I had been want to space. I was thinking through an external HDD would definitely get it done for a small bit but I was wrong. The Slim isn't that loud in comparison to my fat PS3 (when it worked) however it is still noticeable. I discovered that to keep it from working so hard ended up being to install the sport towards the HDD. This is how my problem came up. I needed space.

I used to be considering the OEM HDD and was like hmmmm....it's official but it is near $100. I looked around and came upon this little 250G HDD Hard Disk Drive For Microsoft Xbox 360 and browse the reviews because of it. Most of the reviews are good and it says that it works aside from some of the reviews complaining about backward compatibility issues. I don't know anything about those backward issues. Some people says there's no problem and some others asserted there is certainly. IDK that. All I understand is always that I saved almost half the purchase price it would of cost to get an OEM HDD.

I purchases this HDD a little over a month ago therefore far this has been no problems. It functions. All my games install without problems. With all the money I saved with this particular 250G HDD Hard Disk Drive For Microsoft Xbox 360, I chose to get a SquareTrade 3 Year extended warranty. You cant go wrong with this particular drive. You won't regret it.