Archos 43 4.3-Inch 16 GB Internet Tablet with Android Review

Archos 43 4.3-Inch 16 GB Internet Tablet
Here we go: To begin with, I refuse to pay $100 monthly for two plus years in order to possess a touch screen tablet I can use outside of my home. Which is where this device is perfect. Also, I played with the Samsung Galaxy Tab at Best to buy before I bought this Archos 43 4.3-Inch 16 GB Internet Tablet and that I didn't like it. It is bulky and really this fits perfectly anywhere and contains the identical amount of storage and does the same thing for about $400 less!


Archos 43 4.3-Inch 16 GB Internet Tablet can do everything an IPhone does except make calls. If you want to pay $100 per month to add the calls be my guest. OR you can get a pleasant pre-paid T-mobile phone and pay $10 per month. This device features a WiFi built in. I got a MiFi from Verizon. They may be owning a special. $35.99 monthly for 3gigs on their own 3 g network. Plus I'm ditching my $35 each month internet around the landlines since the Mifi will connect as much as 5 devices at once. So I actually saved money by getting the Mifi. Using the Mifi this revolutionary product is much like having a full computer at your fingertips anywhere you go! Plus it is like lightning! If you'd like more than the aforementioned this product is not for you.

Unless you wish to spend the money for your Mifi you are able to tether. For those who said Tethering does not work They may be WRONG! Tethering absolutely works. You'll want the cell company's APN to type to the Archos or you won't connect. It won't Make use of a Blackberry! I have a classic Blackberry also it wouldn't normally work. I also use a Motorola RIZR pre-paid which worked perfectly but I didn't want to tether so I got the Mifi. It is possible to Google your cell company's APN because after i called T-Mobile they wouldn't make it for me. So I looked it and located it on Wikipedia! To tether just visit settings --> Blue tooth. Make BOTH your phone and Archos discoverable in Blue tooth first.Proper it pops up add the APN where indicated. It takes some practice nonetheless it DOES WORK. It is slower than Wifi or Mifi.

The video, Ipod, and photo features are beautiful. It is very easy to add files. Just hook the Archos 43 4.3-Inch 16 GB Internet Tablet up to your desktop or laptop and hit "Mount" then move the files over. It is that easy. I'd to download Cinema to experience certain videos but that's the same as other programs. Not all videos play on my desktop either. You Tube videos play fine.

My outlook e-mail goes directly to my Archos. It absolutely was super easy to set up. I acquired the angry birds app and it's really addicting. Just saying!

The eBook reader is Great! There are lots of classics FREE so that you can download and browse! It zooms just like the kindle and corresponds your pocket or purse! (unlike the Kindle. Sorry Amazon)

Battery every day life is superb! So it takes 7 hours to charge. Just put it in when you attend bed. You are not planning to use it if you are sleeping right?

I downloaded all my favorite apps from your Android Market (yes apps lib isn't great) Weather Channel, Facebook, You Tube, CNN, etc...

The living wallpaper is adorable! I enjoy the mirrored lake.

Archos 43 4.3-Inch 16 GB Internet Tablet features a clock. It is to rest when you're not using it to save lots of the battery or else you can leave it on all the time.

An individual manual is appropriate in the device.

I love the air app too! It is possible to listen to radio from all over the world.


Yes you have to tap sometimes twice to obtain the apps to load. It's not really that annoying. Again do you want to pay $600 to have an IPhone? or Tap your finger twice????

Yes laptop keyboards takes some practice. Use your nail or get a stylus.

Mifi is the greatest choice for using this device on the internet outside of a location where there's free Wifi. I was in the car traveling all night and my mifi didn't falter once! It was great! I subscribed to the main one year contract so when 4G happens I will trade up.

I've not seen cases for these yet. But I purchased a comparable case to guard it.

Yes get screen protectors. The one it arrives with will fall off.

Bear in mind this product is $200 and change?!!! The Samsung Galaxy without contract is finished $600 and you can't input it on your bottom line! This Archos 43 4.3-Inch 16 GB Internet Tablet can be a little bigger than an IPhone. The Dell Streak is $499 The Zoom is $700!

I must say i love this Archos 43 4.3-Inch 16 GB Internet Tablet! When Archos upgrades I am going to probably get it....MAYBE....