Alice: Madness Returns Review

Alice: Madness Returns
Woohoo! Alright, i am just likely to start right off by saying I enjoy this Alice: Madness Returns game! Now, with that said, let's take an instant look at what's so excellent (and not great) about this, we could?

First off, the graphics. Now, I prefer the way the developers took a more "animated" style because of this (though some may not). The colors in the backgrounds and scenery can vary from absolutely breath-taking, to horrifically morbid (in a easy way). The type and level design is also very unique although somewhat cartoonish, this only helps satisfy the requirements of causing a very creative and imaginative piece of art.

Now, despite it's beauty, the game can also be filled for the brim in what all of us want: violence! Yes, especially, the fighting mechanics with this game happen to be when compared to likes of Heavenly Sword, Dante's Inferno, and God of War, and consequently. It pretty much is really a "hack-n-slash," type game like those mentioned, however there are also a lot of power-ups and abilities which you can use to "spice things up" a little.

Back-tracking somewhat to character design and the like, the arsenal of villains and supporting cast is fairly unique to say the least. Gone would be the nostalgic images of cute n' cuddly Harry potter characters, and here, we are introduced instead to a more twisted yet fresh and entertaining cast. Personally, I LOVE what sort of Cheshire cat is depicted on this gaming, though I won't share any "spoilers" as to appearance, so either you will need to find the game up, or perhaps take my word for this ;).

The soundtrack and overall sound from the Alice: Madness Returns game itself is really rather enchanting, and definitely serves to aid the atmosphere of certain areas and scenes depicted on-screen. Once again, We have another compliment to provide, for the reason that I really think the voice acting with this game is phenomenal and also the developers really outdid themselves in selecting the voice-talent; perfection!

So what about the gameplay itself? Is it worthwhile? Is it fun? Would it be worth an additional try (replay)? The reply to the suggestions above is...YES! The game is filled towards the brim with action, interactive environments, and everyone's "favorite"...puzzles (lol). Nah, but seriously, the puzzles with this game aren't that bad at all, as well as should you choose end up receiving stuck (that we doubt you may), we're fortunate to reside in an age where we have all the answers to our questions at our fingertips (the internet). Needless to say, the bingo is definitely an absolute BLAST, and replayability is definitely there. This is especially the case an advanced trophy collector, as a few of the trophies involve beating the overall game on various difficulty settings.

I am a huge fan of all things "Alice in Wonderland". I have browse the book(s), I have seen the movie(s), and today, I can say I have played the game(s). Oh yes, you heard right, also if you purchase the sport, you get a code that allows one to download the first "American McGee's Alice" game that was released back 2000. What?! A free downloadable game?! Sweet! Now, keep in mind, the graphics will naturally be outdated since it arrived in 2000, but any real gamer recognizes that graphics aren't what make a game...but if a game title is fun certainly does!

My only main gripe/concern in regards to the Alice: Madness Returns game is that sometimes the controls/camera can be quite a bit difficult to deal with, and will require some tinkering/tampering with to get it "just right." Nevertheless the developers did a great job in offering the player a customized control scheme to either regular or inverted, so based on your choice, you can choose accordingly.

So, with that said, here's what my first impressions with this game are:

Graphics: 5/5
Controls: 4/5
Sound: 5/5
Story: 4/5
Gameplay: 5/5
Overall: 5/5

At the very least, rent this game, you can definitely you are an Alice's adventures in wonderland fan, and don't mind reaching into your "darker" and "twisted" side, then would certainly be doing your disservice in not picking-up the bingo. Just what exactly are you waiting for?! Join me and visit Wonderland! :)

Update 6/15: Wow! I strongly encourage people to no less than give the game a try. I've had another few hours at it, and i also gotta' say, the game is so gorgeous and packed with intrigue. I expected to own beaten it chances are, however from what I have found, I still need ways to go. Length is definitely a vital to any game, and definitely provides me with a sense which i spent my money well in picking this up. The puzzles are very unique, plus some may require persistence or critical thinking skills, if you don't enjoy things of this nature, than the game may not be for you personally, however Personally , i LOVE the task; being a large amount of games nowadays appear to be too easy in my opinion. When i mentioned earlier, the type design is top-notch, and i also keep running into more-and-more of our beloved favorite characters from the book/movie and that i must say, the developers did a highly skilled job in adding their particular personal..."flare" to the characters.

I can understand where a few of the negative reviews originate from, since this type/style of game doesn't attract exactly everyone, but I will say that i am surprised that there's not better reviews available. So understanding that, a minimum of try it out, but to me, Alice: Madness Returns is definitely worth a buy! Got any queries? Leave them in the comments! Hope this helps! :)