Your Shape Fitness Evolved Review

Your Shape Fitness Evolved
Awesome game! I burned 500 calories the initial evening of playing Your Shape Fitness Evolved!

I can not see myself breaking a sweat restricted to a Wii fitness board or while holding any foreign objects within my hand. The bingo seems to be a whole lot different from the competitors. Nothing with you to drop and real workouts from Women's Health insurance and Men's Health magazines.

The bingo, while using Kinect sensor watches you like a hawk. Which makes it appear to be it will scream at you for every little mistake, but it's for your own good to improve your workout. Their is no frustration while using the Kinect sensor. The Kinect sensor is accurate about 99% of times and tracks a lot better than my experiences with the Wii. (losses 1% since you have to be near the center with the play space before exercises or you'll end up moving arms and legs out)

It is constantly watching your form during exercises and verbally letting you know how to correct your form to obtain the most out of it. It even tells you what exercises you should focus on to correct your form and what exercises you will find the best form in. It tracks calories expended with time and builds workout routines custom for your individual workout goals.

Your Shape Fitness Evolved is the first exercise game I understand of the a die hard fitness magazine will get behind and improve with their own input. You think every other consoles will need fitness industry backed games? Enough said...

(I do not consider "The Biggest Loser" inside the fitness industry due to the fact that they're a TV program. Do you think they will really would like you off the couch rather than watching their show?)

I'm certainly not connected to Ubisoft or Microsoft. I'm actually a die hard FPS fan (MW2, BF:BC2, and shortly Black Ops) who simply wanted a little bit more energy from an in home workout routine. Yes I really could try this minus the game, nevertheless the game ensures I really do the exercises right and doesn't i want to cheat in it. I'm shooting for that 10,000 calorie burned achievement within the first month.
Wish me luck!

My rating for Your Shape Fitness Evolved : 4.5/5
(It would are already 4/5, but they be capable of increase the workouts over Xbox live)