Easy LP to MP3 Review

This Easy LP to MP3 is a 2009 Christmas gift from my spouse and daughter. I have used other Roxio products in the past, therefore i was somewhat familiar with what you should expect. This really is Version 10.3.104

Pros: Easily. Crisp, clean results. Fairly inexpensive ($50 online)

Cons: No warning how the turntable needs a pre-amp. Software hijacks the Speakers/Sound card. I would give the product 5 stars, aside from these cons.

Easy LP to MP3 is made in a little box with various cables and adapters to get in touch your turntable. Your turntable MUST be pre-amplified to "line" levels. This is not mentioned anywhere before choosing, a huge Con in my opinion. I used to be lucky enough to get come with an Aiwa PX-E860 with a pre-amp.

The heart of this method is the RCA to USB adapter and the Software itself. I think one could utilize this software with just their sound card if they don't want to use the adapter. Also the program hijacks the sound card and you've got to plug your speakers or headset into the USB adapter, if you want to hear the background music while recording. Another big Con, in my opinion. I haven't figured out ways to get the speakers back yet. I'm confident it will be a simple thing, I recently haven't chased it down yet.

Easy LP to MP3 software installation can be like another package these days. Insert the CD, it auto-starts, answer in the affirmative to Licensing glop and Legal noise, agree to default directories and go. There's a 16 page "Getting Started Guide", however the software programs are fairly intuitive and that i got my first LP started minus the Guide.

To capture your music, just wear the LP and stick to the Guide. It is actually easy. Whether it doesn't capture the splits properly, there is an editor that allows you to quickly adjust the tracks. You are able to complete every one of the Track Info and save to numerous mp3 bit rates or other formats. The Sound Editor also has all of the standard filters for noise, hiss, pop, etc. It will also enable you to create and burn to CD's.

Bottom line, I was REALLY pleased about final results! This Easy LP to MP3 really is the best way I have found up to now, to transform LP's to digi pics. My benefits were truly crisp and clean.