Toddy T2N Cold Brew System Review

Toddy T2N Cold Brew System
With Toddy T2N Cold Brew System now you can taste that smell!

Let me explain: I can not call myself a coffee addict, but I enjoy an excellent cup of coffee. Unfortunately, I am a little let down when I walk into a restaurant, smell the rich aroma, then taste a cup of coffee that's either weak, bitter or perhaps too strong. The smell doesn't match the flavor, which is a bummer.

Using the Toddy T2N Cold Brew System however, even though I don't have the rich smell of fresh-brewed coffee in the morning, I actually do obtain a taste that reminds me of the smell, which is far more important. On top of that, my girlfriend will make her coffee weaker than mine simply by adding less concentrate. Cups of coffee tailored specifically for your taste!

I've tried espresso makers, french press, auto drip and also (dare I only say it) instant coffee, and french press will be the only type which comes near the rich flavor. But having said that, as I age (early thirties) acid content turns into a bigger issue personally, as well as the relatively low acid content inside a cup from the Toddy method is more and more appealing.

Now, just as much as I prefer the system I really do have a handful of gripes. First, The manufacturers should brewing process was obviously a bit more intuitive since its time-consuming and messy. I brewed my coffee almost the other day, and I'm still finding grounds hidden every now and then. Hence, The manufacturers should brew portion into that the grounds go stood a lid.

Second, though it is easy to figure out through trial and error, a chart inside the manual with more detail facts about ratios, coffee types and strengths could be helpful. For example, I used Eight O'Clock coffee (I am aware, it isn't designer coffee, however it tastes pretty good) which isn't quite as full-flavored a roast as some other coffees. Hence, I've found I have to add more concentrate to water. I'm curious exactly what the concentrate is going to be like when I use a stronger/different roast.

Nonetheless, I gave the Toddy T2N Cold Brew System 5 away from 5 because if it is all said and done, a brewer is one of the walk it produces, and hands down this is the best walk That I've ever made at home.