Bodum 1923-16 Chambord 3-Cup Coffee Press Review

Bodum 1923-16 Chambord 3-Cup Coffee Press
I got myself this Bodum 1923-16 Chambord 3-Cup Coffee Press as a 1-person coffeemaker since the other 2 coffee-drinkers around here complained that we made coffee too strong. Although a 3-cup press (each cup = 4 oz, European standards, Perhaps) it is ideal for only one mug. I will almost fill my 14 oz travel mug, and i also only ever drink one cup each day, so capacity is good for me. Should you drink plenty of mugs, avoid getting this!

I got one of these brilliant Bodum 1923-16 Chambord 3-Cup Coffee Press in a discount store for only some amount of money, which was a fantastic bargain! Following a suggestion of 3 tablespoons of coarsely ground beans with 12 oz H2O, my coffee happens as strong while i want it. There's sediment, but it doesn't bother me. Jogs my memory of Turkish coffee. Clean-up might be a more involved compared to a drip maker, however i like the press coffee better, in order that doesn't bother me either. The only thing that may truly bother me about coffee is the place it is not sufficiently strong enough.

Obviously, the coffee cools quite quickly should you let it sit inside the press too long, so I just pour it into the vacuum mug straight away, where it stays at temp much longer.

Also, as a control freak, this brewing way is appealing because it allows me to boil the lake towards the exact temp it must be (yes, I personally use a thermometer. I did so say I had been a freak). I really like this technique of brewing coffee, but clean-up and sediment may not be At ease with everyone.

Thinking about the price I paid, I give this Bodum 1923-16 Chambord 3-Cup Coffee Press 5 stars. It happens to match my coffee needs exactly.