PhyCox Soft Chews (120 ct) Review

PhyCox Soft Chews (120 ct)
My dog was discovered on the street near death near 8 years back.
Besides being starved, she had suffered a severe knee injury which were doctoring through the years. Besides joint supplements, she was getting buffered aspirin "as needed" which turned into several times per week. She was having problems getting up, and would limp for a time, until the leg/knee loosened up.

Back in the middle of 2008, our vet shared an example of Phycox-JS Soft Chews beside me -- said it was new things. It had been near what I was using -- but had two additional ingredient - Boron and Phycox®. Inside a about a week, our Nicky stopped limping when she first woke up, and that i haven't found the need to use Aspirin since. At nearly 12 years old, This Chesapeake Bay Retriever wants to run and can beat most youngsters on the dog park towards the ball.

We have recommended this to many of my friends with older, arthritic dogs, and so they too are seeing the great results of this product.

Yesterday, at our regular vet's visit, I was told that been there not been for that Phycox-JS Soft Chews, by now we'd are already facing reconstructive surgery on that knee!! Before the Phycox, The trainer told us knee surgery could not be considered a consideration because she have also been having hip problems, and with the surgery, she would have started favoring the bad hip!!

Nicky is a Certified Service Dog and Therapy Dog, so we are always out. Most people take her to get a much younger dog!! In my experience Phycox-JS Soft Chews is really a miracle drug.