Boochie, A Whole New Ball Game Review

Boochie, A Whole New Ball Game
I got myself this Boochie ball game and after 2 days, my girls (ages 4 and 6) officially adore it!

It had been entertaining to view them play with Daddy. It's a spin-off of bocce ball, except it's completely relaxed and full of fun. Plus, it can be played inside, which is very nice for long winter months in Ohio.

We know that we were set for a fun time when the rules read how the person using the cleanest shoes got to chuck the ball Boochie ball!

Each player receives a nerf ball, a plastic ring plus a wrist tracker. You receive points when you're the nearest or even the second closest to the Boochie ball. The Boochie ball is 12-sided, and every side has special instructions for bonus points. You track your points with your wrist-tracker, giving you special instructions regarding how to throw the ball. My youngest daughter loves the one in places you have to make an audio effect before you decide to toss the ball. My older daughter got a drag out of experiencing to toss the ball while laying on her behalf back.

The score only would go to 11, therefore the games are pretty quick, that makes it ideal for kids.

The only issue we have had is that one of many balls started coming apart where it absolutely was filled. I stitched it up and it's as effective as new!

Overall, we feel Boochie is really a great game for your family.