LEGO Space Shuttle 3367 Review

LEGO Space Shuttle 3367
Always searching for interesting vehicles and aircraft for the Lego enthusiast? Definitely get out there and get this LEGO Space Shuttle! The look is very sturdy, so that you can actually have fun with this model without fear of constantly breaking off parts. It is a reasonably priced item therefore it makes a great gift to get for a Lego fan (or aviation nut).

Handful of notes with regards to the LEGO Space Shuttle itself:
1. It is a 'modular' build---pieces sorted into numbered bags so that you do not have to fish around so much finding the thing you need.
2. The instructions usually do not show a parts list on each page as much Lego sets do. Essentially, the builder needs to go through the previous page and the current page to determine what has "changed" then choose and put the pieces accordingly. This could be a little challenging for novice builders nevertheless the ship is fairly straightforward therefore it is not really a deal-breaker. If you end up getting way too many leftover parts, though, you almost certainly missed a few steps!

I had no difficulties with the instructions or even the photos within the set. Once constructed, the crane arm and satellite stowed correctly with all the doors shut. I obtained this whole LEGO Space Shuttle model together within just quarter-hour, and then we nailed to playing.