CIPA 11960 Premium Universal Towing Mirror Review

CIPA 11960 Premium Universal Towing Mirror
Following a research session I purchased a pair of these CIPA 11960 Premium Universal Towing Mirror to use when towing my travel trailer. I've a 2009 Toyota Tacoma. I received 2 mirrors from Amazon. To my surprise that they had some minor differences between them. Apparently CIPA changed the design slightly. I enjoy the newer design better, since it includes metal clips that appear to operate a lot better than your plastic ones. 

I additionally liked the "feet" (that hold it about the back with the mirror) around the newer model much better. They may be much sturdier and manage to hold better. Regardless, you own a substitute for also purchase convex (wide-angle) mirror replacements along with a storage bag in the manufacturer. After i called to order the convex mirrors, I told them about my concerns. The organization send me new clips and new "feet" (and also a bunch of extra sticky feet pads) to exchange the people on the older mirror model (at no cost). After upgrading the older model, and setting up the convex mirrors, they are really excellent towing mirrors. One minor gripe here...if the company had the option of ordering the mirrors using the convex mirror lenses in the first place, I'd have just done that rather than spend the excess $12.99 over a pair of them. For your record although convex mirrors only took about 5 min to replace and it was very easy.

Several things to note, they certainly take the time to regulate the first time you attach CIPA 11960 Premium Universal Towing Mirror to your car, but next they take a couple minutes to add or remove. Also, if you leave them on for further than a day, you do must check them and re-tighten them, adjust them, etc... I might also suggest checking out the conventional mirrors that include them ahead of ordering the convex ones. The standard mirrors were adequate for my first couple of towing trips, but I really like the convex mirrors much better, they really show a lot more space and provide you with a little more confidence when changing lanes.

A lot more use, there is hardly any vibration and you will see perfectly together. I wouldn't want to tow anything without one. If they broke, I would purchase them again. They may be manufactured from a fairly sturdy plastic and it appears like they will continue for a while. The sole reason I did not let them have 5 stars was as you had to order the convex mirrors separate (once you already purchased the product) and because of the "upgrades" I had to complete about the older model, yet, the customer service was excellent and so they appear to support CIPA 11960 Premium Universal Towing Mirror if you have any issues.