Philips Norelco 7340 Mens Shaving System Review

Philips Norelco 7340 Men's Shaving System
Here is the first electric razor I've purchased. I read many reviews and decided Philips Norelco 7340 Men's Shaving System seemed to be the safest bet. I decided this model must be slightly more expensive model appeared like it had the best reviews, which razor is virtually identical for $30 less with only a couple differences:

1. Charge duration of 8 hours rather than One hour.

2. Stated on the box that it may be utilized for a corded razor. Reviews stated the more expensive you could be used corded, however it didn't let them know about the box. And so i felt safer getting this cheaper model plus it saved a little bit of money.

I chose that one as opposed to a straight cheaper model since the razor-cover-guard thing has little holes as well as slots. The holes are meant to develop a closer shave. I wouldn't know because this is my first, but decided a more in-depth but nonetheless safe and straightforward shave is better.

I considered shaving a hassle, although not anymore. I'm able to shave whilst in front of my computer reading articles on the web. Wonderful. Normally I consider time spent shaving to become a waste. Also it doesn't irritate my skin unless I press quite difficult and repeatedly. Or possibly which was exactly the first times. I haven't had any irritation at all following the first week.

Everyone says to perform water over the blades to wash them. I find it a lot more easy to simply blow in it really hard. The stubble is really a gritty dust with fairly frequent use, therefore it disappears on the carpet and i also vacuum it whenever I vacuum.

Philips Norelco 7340 Men's Shaving System is among the best purchases We have made. No more wasting my own time shaving within the mirror. You can forget giving myself irritated red skin on my small neck attempting to adequately shave because tricky area. Yes, it functions in my neck. It also catches all of the shavings, which means you could shave while driving to work if you wanted to. But as it is no hassle, I don't understand why I might wait until the final minute to get it done. I ensure that it stays by my computer, and shave whenever I eventually notice some stubble.