Tracfone LG LG800G with Double Minutes Review

Tracfone LG LG800G with Double Minutes
The Tracfone LG LG800G with Double Minutes cell phone will be the first touch screen made available from TracFone, plus my opinion, the most effective TracFone yet offered. But don't search for it on LG's website - you may not find it. This is a special prepaid model for TracFone/Net10 only. I can't even think it is listed overseas.

I've had mine for approximately four weeks. It isn't a full smart phone, more like half-smart, in comparison with something just like the iPhone. It won't have accelerometers, it doesn't have WiFi, and you also only have limited capability to alter orientation with the screen.

But at only $50 or less, this is a great value for your features it will have - a very good cellular phone -- with a music player, HD camera (stills and video), external memory (optional), data cable (optional), a qwerty keyboard app, texting, and included apps for games, alarm clock, stop watch,voice recorder, calendar, memo pad, tasks list, scientific calculator, and World clock. And, you can add countless your own personal apps, provided they are java apps.

It is possible to surf the net and access your email and text message - all costing you minutes. Personally, i don't have anything important enough to pay for cell phone internet connect serious amounts of downloads. However, if you do, you can do it with the LG 800G.

Even though the external memory (microSDHC card), and USB data cable, usually are not included, you should think about them essential and buy them. The reason is always that it is less costly to download apps in your computer and transfer it for the LG 800G by data cable. The data cable has to be a USB-typA with a micrUSB-typeB. The data cable are only able to access the microSD card (external memory) and never the inner memory.

You can also use Bluetooth to connect with a Bluetooth headset, in order to transfer files to/from some type of computer (whether it the computer also offers Bluetooth.) You can set file transfer being either to internal memory or to external memory.

The LG 800G includes double-minutes-for-life, and if you catch Home Shopping Network just in the proper time, they occasionally have triple-minutes forever. The price each minute is just about ten cents, and even less.

The LG 800G just too many features to go over here. You will discover the TracFone User guide that is included with the LG 800G to become pretty basic -- mostly dedicated to activating the phone. You should access the TracFone LG 800G on-line Tutorial. There is no link on the TracFone web site to the tutorial however, you can discover it, and the best user forum/blog, by Googling "TracFone LG 800G Tutorial." The most notable three or four hits should take you to definitely the tutorial also to the Turk Forum LG 800G discussion.

In general, I like the Tracfone LG LG800G with Double Minutes, and would recommend it to some friend. My favorite app may be the music player, that also comes with an equalizer and Bass Boost. With a decent stereo headset, especially one which also receives calls, it is just like it gets.