Michael Jackson The Experience DS Review

Michael Jackson The Experience DS
Before I start the Michael Jackson The Experience review I will show you that I am both a hardcore video-game and Michael Jackson fan. Initially when I first heard the announcement of the new game (since Moonwalker on the genesis) at E3 in June, I used to be very excited. When screenshots and videos became available for the Wii version I was very concerned. Ubisoft has created an ugly looking Just Dance clone lacking any distinguishable traits or visual charm. The main character didn't even look like Michael and following along while waving an online in mid-air seems silly in my experience, I believe casual gamers might want it though.

Within the weeks leading up to the discharge of the Nintendo DS and PSP versions of Michael Jackson The Experience I had been surprised to find virtually no information about them. It wasn't until several days after their releases that any videos were up about them. I saw the PSP version only used 2 buttons and looked far too easy, understanding that the DS version was like the rhythm game Elite Beat Agents. As being a fan of the Elite Beat Agents series I chose to find the DS version which was only 5$ after purchasing Batman Brave and also the Bold for DS within a special sale.

Michael Jackson The Experience comes with a cartoony Michael (in vain from the Beatles Rockband) who dances around performing various moves. During each song you tap, slide, and spin circles within the order they're numbered even though it might sound simple, like Elite Beat Agents it is very fun. There have been many Elite Beat Agents clones over the years but this really is easily the most effective. The sport is simply as responsive and also the notes are laid out every bit as good as EBA. There are Easy, Medium, and difficult difficulty. As a bit rusty on my small EBA skills I had been having problems doing well on Medium difficulty from your getgo. Some could find this good, others bad, but unlike Elite Beat Agents you wont fail for missing just a couple notes, even though you definitely can fail a song. The actual fun in this game originates from looking to get all the golden coins (which are like the star system in guitar hero). This requires gathering an excellent combo and knowing when you should use your accumulated star power(Again an idea obtained from guitar hero), that is gained by hitting glowing notes at the right timing in succession. Another great addition that contributes replayability is the capability to "Crown" an audio lesson, that involves getting a ridiculously high score knowing exactly when you make use of star power or being able to spin Michael really fast.

Attempting to achieve 5 coins on medium difficulty is difficult enough, but hard mode will keep players trying for more. Which can be great because the games tracklist is lacking. Reading good coins and crowns allows you to unlock new songs about the tracklist, collectible Memorabilla, and Jukebox mode. The memorabilla is digital recreations of props from his short films and dance routines such as the Billie Jean socks, or perhaps the Scream spaceship. Whilst they are pointless to view it adds more replayability to the game as getting the more difficult ones involve crowning songs on hard mode. The worst part relating to this game is the tracklist, they are all great MJ songs the main problem is with a number of the choices and also the small amount of songs:

  • Another Part of Me
  • Bad
  • Beat It
  • Billie Jean
  • Black or White
  • Dont Stop Till You Get Enough
  • Heal the World
  • Leave Me Alone
  • Smooth Criminal
  • Streetwalker
  • The Way You Make Me Feel
  • Wanna Be Startin' Somethin

These types of songs are wonderful choices nevertheless the slow tempo Heal the World is not to fun to experience. I personally love Streetwalker (that was an unreleased song included on the Bad 2001 re-release) but it is too obscure to get a mainstream audience. Disappointingly there are no songs from HIStory, Blood on the Dancefloor, or Invincible. A few of the songs feature him dancing on the stage in various customes, and others are recreations from the music videos they correspond with. The largest surprise is that there is no Thriller, which can be his biggest hit to casual fans. It is great to possess a nice, well-built rhythm game on the move and I'd prefer to have a well-built game with a short tracklist than a game that has a long tracklist but unpolished gameplay (PSP and Wii Versions). So go through the tracklist, if you like the songs, Elite Beat Agents, Michael Jackson, and can find this for cheap then get this Michael Jackson The Experience.