Boxee Remote Review

Boxee Remote
This Boxee Remote is exactly what I used to be looking for. I manage a Mythbuntu HTPC during my home theater, running XBox Media Center. My HTPC boots directly into XBMC, and 99% of what we do on it is watch movies and shows. This remote handles everything that without a single issue. Any computing I have to do on the computer (e.g., contributing to the gathering, configuring the OS, etc.) takes a mouse plus a full keyboard with function keys. However, if it is all totally configured and dealing and you finally just arrive at enjoy your HTPC, this might be your remote!

I gave this Boxee Remote five stars despite the fact that it is not perfect. It was built to workout from the box with Boxee, therefore i were required to perform some key re-mappings to have it to accomplish what I wanted with XBMC. For instance, reception menus button on the front I set to move up an amount (parent directory). Consider it had been designed for another product, I didn't just expect it to work perfectly with what I'm using. It can though, and i also love it.

It isn't a toy though. I enjoy fiddle using the Boxee Remote while I'm watching a film. I flip it around in my hand, rubbing my thumb on the buttons and just generally fidgeting with it. The kids were obtaining a little concerned yesterday evening after i kept skipping backward thirty seconds within the movie. The buttons are often pressed with fidgeting, as there are buttons on sides of the remote. You're better off setting it about the end table and leaving it alone until you want to use it.

The scale in product info page are a little worrisome. 5.8 inches long sounds just a little short. Upon ordering I acquired out a ruler and marked the size on certificates and work out, also it seemed tiny. However in real life, it isn't that bad in any way. I think the designer had two-handed typing in mind, like you do when you're texting over a phone. You own it horizontally and use both thumbs around the keyboard and it is nice and comfortable. There's not, contrary to a few things i expected, any type of gyro sensor in it. You are able to press keyboard buttons when the remote is right-side-up. It didn't seem to be a problem though. My sole complaint is that the keyboard letters are gray on black buttons, so you can't discover their whereabouts in any way at night.

The harsh truth: It's really a great, simple product, and extremely, it's all regulated you will need for navigating and watching your media... but it's not really a keyboard and mouse replacement for OS manipulation and computing. Without Alt or Ctrl key, no function keys, etc, you merely can't fit everything in with it. Yet ,, who's ordering it for your? I would recommend this for anyone doing what I'm doing. In reality, I might obtain a couple more after i build the HTPCs for my bedroom and bar. There's really no other product enjoy it available. The Rii is a full keyboard and mouse replacement. So with no other real options, Boxee Remote is a fine standard.