Jurassic Park Ultimate Trilogy Review

Jurassic Park Ultimate Trilogy
What an entertaining family of films (not to be mistaken with "family films"). And with the release of Jurassic Park IV coming (2008 directed by III's Johnston), picking up this Jurassic Park Ultimate Trilogy for your collection is really a no-brainer to get back to dino-fever.

Jurassic Park will be the film that brought dinosaur movies out from the stone age. The beasts aren't stop motion....They're real! For your filming of these flicks they actually cloned dinosaurs from dino DNA preserved in prehistoric amber! Alright, alright...they look real. Very real. The FX are brilliant in every three Jurassic Parks. And that is the true beauty of the trilogy...the dino FX.

Jurassic Park stayed pretty in keeping with Crichton's novel, that has been probably the fastest That I've ever read a whole book (apx 5 hours). I tore through it because it was so good. But there have been definitely some impressionable scenes like the T-rex swimming inside the river ("like an alligator!") and of course "the bird cage" (or was the bird cage not until The Lost World novel?) which were omitted. No less than "the bird cage" made its appearance on film in III.

The Lost World was the actual complete opposite of "true for the book". Spielberg dropped it within the Lost World. He took plenty of liberties which makes it his or her own story. How do you leave out of the movie one of the greatest stars of the book: the color-changing, chameleon-like, man-eater, Carnotaurus? Thank goodness Crichton had been involved in the screenplay or you never know how much more the story would have been twisted for that big screen.

Jurassic III introduced the mighty Spinosaurus and introduced the pterodactyls. William H. Macy and Tea Leone may not of been the very best celeb choices (can you say campy and campier...think about goofy and goofier?), however they got the work done. And Crichton kept everyone consistent with his involvement again.

Crichton can also be getting (no less than) writing credits for IV, so the next installment should be good.

Jurassic Park, The Lost World and Jurassic Park III all might have been much more realistic/brutal and still got the PG-13; the eBook versions of Jurassic Park and also the Lost World were definitely R-rated. But all 3 films find the audience friendly/happy ending roads to higher price sales.

Hey, these could indeed be "cool" family films when you have small children which are into dinosaurs, you will find the time for you to watch using them (you know...to Parentally Guide) and you are liberal enough to think that the little dino-violence won't warp your kids' little minds. One thing's for sure...there are no appearances in any of the films through the big purple guy, therefore if the kids are expecting Barney they will be set for a rude awakening.

At the time of this scripting this 3-pack was priced like a buy 2, obtain one free, so it is like spending money on your two faves from the bunch and achieving one other one free. Add Jurassic Park Ultimate Trilogy to your cart.