The Timeless Swing Review

The Timeless Swing
In The Timeless Swing, Tom Watson not just includes a timeless swing, he's written a timeless instruction book, too. He and collaborator Nick Seitz (in addition to photographer Dom Furore) have produced a collection of straightforward, clearly illustrated concepts that will help golfers of levels. It's all packaged in the clean, clever design which makes it a pleasure to thumb through along with read.

Watson's style being an instructor mirrors his kind of play. There isn't any double-talk or jargon; no overlap between knowledge and ego. Watson tells you how to play the game in no uncertain terms. He takes his own swing apart for you personally, explains the ins and outs, and helps guide you making it benefit your game.

The very first two concepts, how to find the bottom of the swing arc and the way to set and maintain your spine angle from address through impact, make up the cause for sets from check your grip to the follow-through. You can understand--and remember--what you want to do when it's related in that way.

Once Watson gets after dark basics, he spends the final 50 % of it explaining how you can apply them in numerous circumstances for max effect. Starting with Chapter 4, "Be A Shotmaker," he shows how to control and maneuver the ball. The illustrations are particularly useful in finding out how to draw or fade the ball on command along with the way to hit it high, low, or with only the correct amount of backspin. The player who takes these lessons to heart--and practices them diligently--will distance himself from your competition.

For all those folks of the certain age, Watson carries a great chapter in The Timeless Swing titled "Swing Younger." He begins by telling people how he hits the ball farther himself, then gives seven simple techniques that will help you bomb it like the big boys, too.

Golfers of all ages and skill sets will find this The Timeless Swing book useful. I've had it for a number of weeks in order to find myself digging in it again and again. Every time I open it, I have found a passage or even an illustration that enlightens.