Olympus Stylus Tough 6020 14MP Digital Camera Review

Olympus Stylus Tough 6020 14MP Digital Camera
So I want to start with the good side of this Olympus Stylus Tough 6020 14MP Digital Camera. The HD video is fantastic. It's of the same quality or better than my Panasonic HD camcorder creates. If I was only using it for video, that will provide 5 stars. But we take pictures from it as well, right? So there in lies the issue. The image quality is average at best. I took 30 pictures inside my 3 year old's birthday celebration (at a water-park) and that i were required to edit every single one after i downloaded them to my computer. Colors were washed out through the aggressive flash on any close-up pics. Far pictures looked soft and lacked any detail. Now granted this water park was indoors but it was fairly well lit so that is not an acceptable excuse. I additionally saw exactly the same issue with poor focusing on anyone/anything moving.

Superior HD Video (Why video is indeed crisp and accurate on colors amazes me once the pics are so average)
Rugged Design and feel

Image quality leaves a whole lot be desired. Olympus should've done much better
The need to attach with a PC to "start" the digital camera
Slow, slow, slow (from boot-up to picture taking. Just takes too much time for somebody with kids)

I already had a Sony DSC-TX5 on order (from Amazon) when I got this one for Father's Day. Even though Sony is $100 more, it's worthwhile if you ask me to have crisp and accurate photos out completely from the digital camera. In my opinion I'll need to keep your Sony and return this Olympus Stylus Tough 6020 14MP Digital Camera. We want to be capable of have a portable camera that people can count on for everyday activity plus the beach and pool events. And this Stylus Tough just isn't up for that task.

One small update: I found out that you can lessen the start-up time by turning the "PW" setting to OFF. You'll find it underneath the menu settings. Cuts start-up time right down to about 3 seconds roughly. You may also cut down your picture to picture time by reducing the image review. Still does not help the image quality however. I've not found a fix for that. :(