OXO Good Grips Dough Blender Review

OXO Good Grips Dough Blender
I do a lot of baking; lot of different kinds of baking and for that reason need good equipment that isn't going to break my piggy bank. We have owned several dough blenders (have them inside the baking portion of the kitchen at home) but found this OXO Good Grips Dough Blender to become the best of the litter. They can fit my hand perfectly and then for individuals who do plenty of work with these utensils know, this is important. Nothing can beat a good hand cramp setting your entire day off perfectly. I suspect that this company has place in a great deal of research as to the workings of the human hand plus they pretty much contain it nailed using this product.

The blades of the one (five) are quite stout and don't bend and flex because so many do. I despise flimsy utensils, so this one would be a real pleasure once i started utilizing it. As to the sturdiness, this if far superior to the Wilton, Pampered Chief or Anco...there's just no comparison. Count on me, I have used them all.

There are several considerations though. As pointed out above by one reviewer, this OXO Good Grips Dough Blender just isn't appropriate for smaller bowls. I take advantage of rather large and heavy mixing bowls use not have this problem myself, however i can see were some could have. Secondly, cleaning manually is really a chore. I've discovered the simplest way to clean this thing up is to soak it to get a bit after which simply throw it within the dishwasher. It's my job to like to hand wash all of my equipment, in this case I am going for that washer. One other way I have tried personally will be the simple usage of a longer bristled kitchen brush.

As a possible added tip, this OXO Good Grips Dough Blender is an excellent tool to produce thin butter patties with and also to slice eggs for salads..a very nice even cut.

If you do a large amount of "scratch" baking, than the the first is will make life easier to suit your needs.