Boxee Box by D-Link Review

Boxee Box by D-Link Review
Some perspective on me: I have never written and published a review but felt that it was essential in this case. I have been streaming movies across my network since the Buffalo Link Theater (seven years back). I suspect myself a bit of a computer / electronic geek. I, like many others, have already been excited about the release of the Boxee Box. I actually have tried out several other similar alternate options (X-Box, LG Blu-ray player, cetera) and NOTHING even comes close to the experience I've had until now with the Boxee.

-Quality hardware
-Qwerty keyboard on back of remote (brilliant!)
-User interface (have to improvement though)
-Zippy fast moving (aside from downloading cover art for thumbnails)
-Lots of content providers (more ahead obviously, Netflix, and so forth)
-Streams every file I've thrown at it (my film collection is over 500 strong with varying formats).
-there are plenty more

-As others have commented (the qwerty remote is unreadable for me without extreme light (come on, grey on black letters!)
-No ways to personalize the user interface more (advanced settings?)
-Many applications load a website with the movie in a small window with all the "full screen" option little and difficult to brows to with the remote (needs lot of development).

If you would like look at your digital picture collection, play your digital videos / movies, listen to your music collection and play content from the internet all the way through a good interface on your DH TV and through your Home Theater system, this box is a must for you. I promise, you would not be unhappy.

I am positive Boxee Box is only going to get better.