VIZIO E320VA 32-Inch Class LCD HDTV, Black Review

VIZIO E320VA 32-Inch Class LCD HDTV, Black Review
Splendid product under 300$. Ordered from Amazon and product arrived for about 5 days. Took <15mins to set it up to watch TV programmes from cable box. Product arrived in genuine manufacturer's box rather than Amazon's box.

Video: High quality. Easily I'm able to feel of the quality as compared to my old tube Television :). High definition channels are amazing. However conventional digital TV channels don't look great. Anyways I'm not going to watch conventional channels going forward. :). Attached to notebook via VGA port and can use this TV as a monitor and to watch movie from Netflix/laptop. Bit unclear about Desktop audio (port wasn't visible) and 30mins consult with VIZIO resolved the difficulty.

Audio: I saw a number of criticisms here. However I am not seeing any troubles. Switch off TRUVOLUME and everything will be alright. Playing from DVD players gives really good sound when compared to conventional Channels.

Very pleased with my purchase so far. Amazon is superb in delivering the product on time. Will have an additional review after a month or more.

Purchase this VIZIO E320VA 32-Inch Class LCD HDTV in case you are looking LCD under 300$. You will not be disappointed with the purchase. You should not compare with larger size LED TVs.