Boba Fett Character Lamp Review

Boba Fett Character Lamp
Every Boba Fett lover needs to buy this Boba Fett Character Lamp. Not merely does it look so incredibly weird which it just brings a smile in your face, but it's incredibly useful as well.

It really does include the characteristics of a lamp, alarm clock, time display, and audio in jack. All of these do work for an extent.

My only real complaint against this Boba Fett Character Lamp is that we cannot count on the time display since it is yet another minute behind everyday. I initially set it for 5 minutes ahead and now it is 1 minute behind without me ever tampering with the time.

The alarm can be a generic beeping so if you can't stand that kind of alarm, you'll be able to plug in your iPod with your alarm set on there. This is what I do and it is one reason I'm so incredibly amazed by a lamp with audio in.

The speakers work pretty good, We have my computer volume at 18% and will hear the sound very clearly as well as a little loudly with it only a foot . 5 stars from me.

So overall, this Boba Fett Character Lamp is absolutely good due to the multipurpose. If you discover yourself to be disappointed in a single feature then you can certainly take full good thing about another.