Zoku Quick Pop Maker Review

Zoku Quick Pop Maker
I wanted this Zoku Quick Pop Maker for awhile and my husband started using it for me for Christmas. It really works well in the event you follow the directions. We got it from WS since it had not been made available from amazon during the time. I read the rant review and located most of the information he/she wrote inaccurate. First, the pop maker doesn't take 30 min. to create a pair of pops. You are considering between 6-10 minutes per set.

Ensure your Zoku Quick Pop Maker is frozen....I know, if it's your first time deploying it, it's tempting to stick it in the freezer for five hours and later tomorrow try to make them. The maker needs to be inside the freezer for around a full previous day it is available. Deploying it before it's totally frozen will end up being frustrating. Second, be sure you usually do not overfill the pops or they may be a pain/next to unattainable out. Simply just a little over the fill line will add praying that you'll be able to find them out without breaking the sticks. Making the pops with different colors is simple. I don't know why another reviewer caused it to be sound so hard. You pour in a little of one color, allow it sit for maybe Thirty seconds after which pour inside your next color (repeat if doing a lot more than two layers)...very, super easy....my little girls do it yourself. The other negative review kept discussing the anguish of experiencing to help keep the machine frozen on a regular basis and the space it will take up in the freezer. To be honest small and narrow and is no big problem the space it takes up (in regards to the size of a small loaf of raisin bread).

When my Zoku Quick Pop Maker is fully frozen, I can get three batches of pops (nine) out before needing to wash and re-freeze it. With that in mind, obviously each subsequent batch is going to take longer compared to one before it since the unit just isn't as cold. Second batch often takes about 15 min. and third batch maybe 20. We have even squeezed out a fourth batch however it took quite a long time but we just wanted to see how many we're able to make. I did so return to WS and get the additional storage case to freeze additional pops (works perfectly) plus an extra box of sticks. I hated putting out the cash but honestly it makes the complete process much easier then there is something being said to have the correct tools.

I wish I possibly could use splenda or any other non-calorie things to the pops but not a big deal once we really bought this to get fun with this girls. You can't use things that are non-calorie as it causes the pops to freeze to hard and you can't remove them. We use yogurt but the kids loved making layered ones with cool-aid. I believe the pop maker is a great idea and my children love having the capacity to make a snack or dessert after dinner in less than 10 minutes. We've had regular pop makers that have a couple of hours to freeze and this is simply so much better (instant gratification Perhaps). I'm really glad we own this Zoku Quick Pop Maker as well as over time making our personal pops is more affordable than going out for ice-cream.